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Need an estimate? The fastest way is to send a drawing with accurate measurements via email to, fax to (765)552-2557 or picture message to (765)623-9862 (mms). Be sure to include your contact info ON THE DRAWING if sending mms.  Now here's the cool part, we usually get estimates back within an hour or two of receiving all necessary information. Some may take a little longer. Our "hands on" approach from start to finish is what seperates us from EVERY OTHER GRANITE COUNTERTOP COMPANY YOU TALK TO! Please note that all information you send is for ESTIMATION PURPOSES ONLY!  We do not cut anything from these measurements. (Unless you are a cash and carry customer.) If you choose us for your job, we will schedule a template date for you and I to cover every aspect of your job. Sink, stone and edge choices are finalized and if applicable, we will discuss all problem areas and collectively agree on solutions that achieve your desired end result. THAT is when you can relax and let us do exactly what we do best. Provide the highest quality GRANITE COUNTERTOPS at the most affordable pricing in the area. I look forward to getting started on YOUR PROJECT!

Granite Services | 2635 South K St | Elwood, IN  46036 | (765)623-9862
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