By now you have probably called a few companies and perhaps received a few quotes.

Did you ask ALL the questions you should have to ensure a Top Quality Job?

I'll bet not. I guarantee you heard what they wanted you to hear, NOT what you should hear.

Below are a few questions you SHOULD ask BEFORE SIGNING or COMMITTING TO ANYTHING!! We have earned our reputation by treating every job as if it were going in our own home. We don't get paid until you are 100% SATISFIED!

1. How many seams will there be? (More than 2 on an average kitchen is INSANE! RUN from these guys!)
2. Where will the seams be? (Very important)
3. Will the flow go the same direction throughout the entire kitchen? ( Absolutely should. Backsplash too!)
4. How level do the cabinets need to be? (There is a maximum tolerance.)
5. What happens if the cabinets are too far out of level? (How many answers will you get? Should be 2 options)
6. What is your warranty policy? (Ours is unmatched!)
7. Do you have references? (We'll let YOU PICK as many as you want. 6th year 100% customer satisfaction!)
8. Does my Granite Need Sealed? (You'll probably hear about the same info from everyone except us)
9. What happens if a piece is not right or doesn't fit. (oh my.....what will they say?)
10. How long will it take to remake a piece? (It should NEVER happen to begin with.)
11. How will I know the slabs I pick are the ones used in my kitchen? (There is only one true way!)
12. If your pricing is so good, your installs are so professional and on time why do you price match?
(Because that is a salesmen trying to make more money. 10% or 20% of the difference between bids usually ends up being $50 - $150. We don't use sales tactics, 
Our references sell our jobs!)

These are only a few of the questions you should be asking the salesmen. Bad part about salesmen is that is all they are and thats all they do is sell. They will tell you what you want to hear to get the sale. Why? Because they make their money by sales. NOT US.

13.Free sink? Free faucet? Free whatever... DON'T fall for these sell tactics! You will wish you hadn't! Cheap sinks and faucets cost extra money and time to replace. I could give our customers a free $50 or $75 sink to sell jobs but I WON'T because I don't want calls 6 months from now concerning rust spots or leaky faucets. It's simply not worth the risk of an unhappy customer. Ask these guys how many free sinks they'll let you have or how much they'll charge to replace them when they go bad. Why? Because once the sink template is cut and polished your STUCK with using that sink. Your MONEY and TIME is worth more than a FREEBIE!! As I have said before, a sell tactic is a fix for substandard craftsmanship, customer service, or both. DON'T WASTE your money with these guys. TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS, OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, and EXCELLENT PRICING should weigh more on your decision than a freebie!!!

Chad is not a salesman, he is a craftsmen. Chad will be involved from
the bid to install. We do the work ourselves. If you want the answers you should get, call me today and schedule a true in home consultation. I cannot stress to you enough about how immoral some of these shops are. They cut corners anywhere they can to put more money in their pocket and you get what you get. We make sure you get what you want!!   

I look forward to hearing from you soon!