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Thanks for taking the time to Learn more about Granite Services! To start, since opening in 2003 I have successfully satisfied EVERY CUSTOMER I've worked for. You bet it's personal! You deserve the BEST JOB POSSIBLE! 
Now...Please allow me to introduce Myself...
I am 42 years old & I have 5 children ranging from 23 - 11, a beautiful wife (who has stayed by me this whole way and sooner or later you may have the pleasure to meet), and 2 dogs. I must admit this whole Granite Fabrication & Installation business was my idea (not hers) which makes her that much more special. I was blessed with a lot of both Grandfathers' genes I guess because the very first thing you read about Granite Services is TRUE!
     Both Grandfather's were EARLY business men...they lived through times I couldn't imagine and SOMEHOW managed to survive and provide for their families. I don't believe they made it through tough times back in that day because of coincidence, chance or luck of the draw. Today, we have cell phones and within seconds can have a list of 10 or 20 companies and phone numbers that "DO EXACTLY WHAT WE SEARCHED  FOR". How convenient right? Do they REALLY? Back then, how did they stay working when so many weren't? Somehow people found them. Well, I believe they had something far more important than luck or chance. It was the heart of their success and something that's been missing from a lot of home improvement business's (especially in the stone industry) for far too long. Integrity, Quality, Know How, Honesty, Accountability and a personal guarantee that EVERY customer gets treated with utmost importance and is absolutely satisfied with the job they hired them to do!!!! That is the EXACT SAME REASON that I've remained in business through the 2nd largest economic crisis in recent history. I took a personal oath in 2003 to provide a good honest living for my family fabricating and installing Granite Countertops. Just as my grandfather's did for a combined 100+ years, I've worked my tail off and held true to my word for every customer since opening my doors. If you are looking to get THE BEST LOOKING and BEST FITTING JOB at THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE then let's talk. My level of craftsmanship, attention to details and desire to develop new and exciting ways to improve upon what I already have to offer is simply second to no one! I APPRECIATE YOUR TIME to learn more about me and look forward to your call !!
Chad Scott
Granite Services, LLC
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Granite Services:   100% Customer Satisfaction to date !!